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I felt like putting this page up here for people who feel like they need some help with their writing. It's just small things that people might want help with. If you feel like there's something you need help with, click here. Then you can send me an email. Or you could go to the guestbook page and post it there, whatever you're more comfortable with.


Okay, the basics: Periods go at the end of sentences. Question marks go at the end of questions. Exclamation points go at the end of exclamations. Simple, no?

Then there are those few rare cases where something is implied as a question but it is also implied as a sentence. Use your best judgment on these. Really, it should be whatever you feel more comfortable with.

Apostrophes are used for possession, contractions, and plurals of lowercase letters.

Possession with apostrophes is actually quite easy. You don’t need to make it hard on yourself.

Example: It is the boy’s hat.
Meaning: Only one person owns a hat.

Example: It is the boys’ hat.
Meaning: More than one person owns the hat.

Another thing, don’t use apostrophes for possession with words like “his,” “her,” “my,” “its.”

If a word ends with “s” but when it is plural end in “es” then it is “ ’s.”
i.e. Goddess’s, glass’s, Mars’s.
If it doesn’t sound right, don’t add an “ ’s .” That simple.

Contractions are pretty much a given.

it is: 'tis, it's
it was: 'twas, it's
am not: ain't
are not: aren't
can not: can't
could have: could've
could not: couldn't
did not: didn't
does not: doesn't
do not: don't
has not: hasn't
he had/would: he'd
he will: he'll
he is: he's
how did: how'd
how will: how'll
how is: how's
I did/would: I'd
I will: I'll
I am: I'm
I have: I've
is not: isn't
it is: it's
might have: might've
might not: mightn't
must have: must've
must not: mustn't
shall not: shan't
she did/would: she'd
she will: she'll
she is: she's
should have: should've
should not: shouldn't
that will: that'll
that is: that's
there is: there's
they did/would: they'd
they will: they'll
they are: they're
they have: they've
was not: wasn't
we did/would: we'd
we will: we'll
we are: we're
were not: weren't
what did/would: what'd
what is: what's
when did/would: when'd
when will: when'll
when is: when's
where did/would: where'd
where will: where'll
where is: where's
who did/would: who'd
who will: who'll
who is: who's
why did/would: why'd
why will: why'll
why is: why's
will not: won't
would have: would've
would not: wouldn't
you did/would: you'd
you will: you'll
you are: you're
you have: you've

You can copy the list. It might help you later on, who knows?

The indication of certain plural of lowercase letters is a very simple thing.

Example: q’s
Meaning: Many q.

Example: 1960’s
Meaning: From 1960

Semicolons are fun to use but hardly anyone uses them. The reason for this is, there really is a point when you can use them. In writing, they should only be used when a writer wants to continue a sentence using a comma but they feel that the sentence may be too long for the comma; thus the semicolon being used (as I just did). Semicolons can also be used in place of a conjunction.

Example: I will go home; I intend to stay there.

Conjunctions are well known to everyone, as we recall the School House Rock song, “Conjunction-Junction, What’s Your Function?” Old song, lame, I know, but it’s a good song that helps you to remember when to use them.

and: noun phrase + noun phrase
but: sentence + sentence
or: verb + verb
so: sentence + sentence

Conjunction, I think everyone knows how to use, so I won’t go blathering on about the proper usage. However, don’t create this super long sentence that is ridiculous, unless it is a completely naive person saying the sentence. Then it can be twenty sentences long and people will laugh.

That's all I can think of for these.


Okay, this irritates me. People don't know this, but since blonde is a borrowed word (which means the English language borrows it from the French language... or any other language) it is genderized.

blonde is femminine.
blond is masculine.

brunette is femminine.
brunet is masculine.

Really, guys, is is that much trouble to see if you used the word properly? Please, please, please, please use these words properly!


Editing is not that hard, trust me. All you have to do is print out what you have written several times. Give one copy to your mom or dad, some to your friends, and one for yourself. Friends and parents are the best editors I know. I have my friends edit my things (except a few I want to surprise them with). They can find things you probably missed and point out somethings that didn't make sense to them. They are the people who understand you best, so if they don't understand it, then who else will?

Oh and when editing, find a color that contrasts with the color of ink you printed it out with, this way, you'll be able to find what you edited easier.

Starting Out

You have an idea you want to write? Something you want to place characters into?

A lot of people have ideas but it can tak years of properly deveolping it.

Writing is for everyone. True, it's hard, but if it's something you like to do then go for it.

I get writing tips every day from various websites. They also send prompts and in my little free time I try to write as many as I can. Not everyone can do this, as we might get writier's block.

There's one thing I've learned from Angela Booth:

Beginning writers: get so stressed out they give up. They're convinced that writing anything is impossible.

Established writer: gets so stressed out that they suffer from writer's block and often lose chances for a lot of things because they procrastinate.

I find that that's very true. And I often find myself encouraging those who gave up on writing to keep going, especially if they have a good thing going for them.

If you actually have to think about writing, then you're doing something wrong. Let your subconscious do the writing for you. You can polish what your subconscious did later. A great way to remember that is to make a sign with big bold letters (you can draw and decorate it with stickers and drawings) saying: "Just Do It." It's a great reminder to just write and relax. Writing shoul be fun and easy, not a difficult task.

Also, remember that no matter what anyone says, you can write. Let your determination to achieve something fuel your pen or fingers and write.

Why Write Prompts?

Writing prompts are a great way to excersize your brain and keep it sharp. Writing a 1000-2000 word prompt a day is a great help. Even if you just write for 10 or 15 minutes a day, it's helpful. They don't always have to be something that you get in your inbox everyday, they can be little things, like the smell of the person next to you, the texture of a cloth, a person themselves, et cetera. Here's an example of one that I wrote in 15 minutes:

"She was a heavyset woman with brown hair, cut in a smart bob. Her glasses sat on the edge of her nose as she watched the teacher write on the white board in the front of the class. She hastily wrote down what the teacher was saying, like the rest of us, busy as bees could be. Her red shirt was vibrant and hurt my eyes. To balance the brightness and severity of the red, she wore black dress pants.

"Her argyle jacket covered up the back of the computer chairs. Each of the chairs was the same, nothing particularly different about any of them. But her's was the only one with an argyle jacket of blues and browns and greens on it. I knew my own red one, as bright as her shirt, was on the back of my own. I could feel it's wool on the back of my hand as I reached into one of the pockets to make sure my keys were still there. They were.

"The teacher said something about three types of films. The woman in front of me straightened up and seemed much more focused now. The teacher went on to say to be back in the classroom by the time the big hand reached the 12 and the little hand reached the 3.

"The class was sent into motion and frenzy. I stayed in my spot, doodling sketchy Alice in Wonderland characters for those twenty or so minutes.

"The woman came back with red lipstick on her lips. It was fresh and drew the eye away from her otherwise plump cheeks. Her brown eyes were set to another person in front of me. He spoke back to her and laughed. I didn't understand the humor of what he said, but the woman had.

"Class started up again. The teacher went on to tell us to put up various notes we took while reading the chapter on the three elements. I looked down at my sheet, embarrassed. The White Rabbit was towering over a tiny Alice holding up a heart shaped object as the Queen of Hearts and the White Queen duked it out. The Cheshire Cat was growling at an invisible object (words maybe?) and the Tweedles were laughing at him.

"My neighbor looked over at what I had drawn and giggled. It was an odd drawing. The characters were sketchy and hard to depict who was who without my hastily written names.

"People preceded up to the white boards. Some teachers still call them black boards, even though they're no longer black and they're dry erase boards. Although, black boards were never really black, they were a green...

"The woman in red stood up. I got a view of her lacy, black thong like the rest of us that were sitting behind her. All of us being polite, never said anything the five times she went up. I went back to doodling. Not long after, old movies from the early 1900's started to play. I didn't really pay attention.

"'Well,' my neighbor said to me after class ended, 'that was interesting.'

"'The lacy part or the horrible early films with the bad acting?' I asked. We laughed with one another."

A simple 15 minute writing. There's around 600 words, so I'm betting, in a half of an hour or so I could write 1000 words. Funny thing, my propmt for that day was 'red.' I think Destiny has strange things instore for me.