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Name: Sarah Ann

Age: 20

Birthdate: September 25, 1990

About me: I model. I cosplay. I write. I read. I edit. I dance. I act. I sing. I spin flags. I dream. I create. That's it.

Writer's Meme

Taken from: Got Muse? 

  1. Where do you write?
    On the computer. I prefer to type something up so I don't have to read my messy handwriting. I write in my room, sometimes, but it must be late at night if I am.
  2. When do you write?
    Anytime of day and anywhere. Something might come up!
  3. Planner or Pantser?
    It all depends on the plot. If I sort of know where I'm going with a story, I have a little plan of how the story will go. Otherwise... the story just sort of flows.
  4. Coffee or tea?
    Coffee. I don't like tea, though I do drink it at the Sunday diners with my family.
  5. Pen and paper, or computer?
    I prefer the computer because I have messy handwriting. However, some of my ideas just come to me at spontaneous times and I have to simply write it with a pen and a few pieces of paper.
  6. What gets you in the writing mood?
    Nothing really, I just sort of... write. An idea, maybe, or a song on the radio. Sometimes even a video game or a movie.
  7. What pulls you out of the writing mood?
    My parents and writer's block (mental constipation).
  8. What’s the best writing advice you’ve ever read/heard/received?
    "Just write" and "Write because you want to, not because you have to."
  9. Got muse?
    Lots, actually. It's just finding the correct muse in the boxful that I have. -.-;
  10. Who is the biggest supporter of your writing?
    Myself. My parents do encourage me, because they know I love to write, but they wish I didn't hog the computer so much. Or push me to get something published. A good idea takes time!
  11. Sound or Silence?
    I love listening to music while I write, but it can be distracting (I tend to sing along and then I loose the train of thought I had for the story). Silence is okay, late at night, but I don't really like it. So, the happy medium, for me atleast, is best.